Bee Bold Coffee

You can support honey bees in Mendocino County by supporting our local organization formed to help all our pollinators. This organization is called Bee Bold Mendocino. It was formed by Thanksgiving Coffee Company staff to bring the national effort to save America’s bees right here to our county.

How can you get involved?

By purchasing a bag of Bee Bold Coffee, roasted by Thanksgiving Coffee Company in Fort Bragg. You can find it in your local grocery or supermarket, and if it is not on the shelf you can ask for it to be stocked.

Bee Bold Coffee is born out of a partnership between Thanksgiving Coffee and the Bee Bold campaign from Friends of the Earth. For every purchase of a bag of Bee Bold Coffee, Thanksgiving Coffee donates a dollar back to the Bee Bold Mendocino Fund. The Non profit 501 C3 Noyo Food Forest is the fiduciary for the fund and a co-partner.

Thanksgiving Coffee sells to retailers and deposits a dollar for each package sold into the trust account held by Noyo Food Forest. The money is used to support the work of Bee Bold Mendocino. Fort Bragg has already declared itself a Bee-Friendly City and the overall mission is to have Mendocino County declare itself a Bee Friendly County by November of 2017.

You can purchase Bee Bold Coffee online in five different roasts: light, medium, dark, very dark and decaf. The coffees are all shade-grown, and certified organic. The five blends are composed of our best coffees from Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala and Rwanda.

Send your friends a reminder that bees need our help -send them a package of Bee Bold Coffee!

Bee Bold Coffee