July Apiary Field Trip

Saturday July 14, we will be hosting long time beekeeper Carson Elmer for a hands-on inside look at several hives for our Bee Apiary Field Trip! On July 14 at noon, join us at Tom Estes’ Apiary on the south side of Fort Bragg, please email beekeepers@mcn.org for driving directions.

All are welcome – bring your bee suit! In addition, we have been gifted with some large bee suits to pass on to the group for whoever can use them and will bring them to give away. If you have extra bee veils and suits, please feel free to bring them for those who would like to borrow during this event, so they can get up close and personal to the hives.

We will go through Tom’s hives and answer any questions you have. We are asking for a $10 to $20 sliding scale donation to cover the costs for this event. This donation is in order to compensate Carson’s time and expense to come over the hill to offer us his expertise.

Saturday, July 14 at noon
at Tom Estes’ Apiary in Fort Bragg

If you have any questions, please call 707-964-8987.

Tanya & Darrell

Photo below is from carsonandbees.com

Carson and Bees, Mendocino County