November Beekeeper’s Meeting

The Mendocino Coastal Beekeepers will meet on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm. This is an open meeting with all beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping invited. This month we will talk about gifts and products you can make with wax, honey and propolis. We will have a demonstration of how to make a hand cream and lip balm. Bring a little jar if want want to take a sample home. If you have some info to share please bring it. We will have handouts.

There is no charge. Meeting at the community room at the Fort Bragg Library. For more information call 707-964-8987.

– from Tanya Wyldflower


Good Morning, Thanks to each of you who has expressed an interest in participating the display BEE ART: A Pop-Up Gallery at Splendiferous. It will start on First Friday, November 3 and be on display through November. Janis Porter will be setting it up and hanging the art on Thursday afternoon, November 2. This “how to” article is interesting and states to do “…marketing buzz” Your Suggestions are welcome.

Many, many thanks to all of you for your interest in BEE ART. Thanks to Monica Wellington at Splendiferous for welcoming a display. Thanks to Janis for her art expertise. You’ll be delighted when you see the lovely painting Bee and Crocus by Kenneth Davis being used as the BEE ART: Pop-Up Gallery logo.Thanks to Kenneth!! Thanks to Mendocino Study Club and the Bee City Committee for their help with organizing a display.

Morning Thoughts on the sale of your art—Each artist can handle any sales possibilities, please, by having your contact available. Monica and her staff at Splendiferous Boutique don’t need that responsibility! If an item is for sale and if it sells, a donation to the Bee Friendly Garden at Guest House Park would be appreciated. NFS items can say so specifically (+ loaned from the collection of ……..).

This is the article that appeared in the Advocate-News on Thursday, Sept. 28. Thanks to Jane Person and to the Advocate!!

“Bee Art: A pop-Up Gallery” is planned to celebrate Fort Bragg’s designation as a Bee City, and organizations are seeking local artists for the loan of any paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos or other depiction of bees for this special display. This special event will take place during November at Splendiferous on the corner of Main Street and Laurel in Fort Bragg. A bee friendly garden is also planned for the Guest House Museum. Event organizers include the Fort Bragg Bee City Committee and the Mendocino Study Club. For more information contact Ruth Sparks at 707 961-1881 or email