Beekeepers New Year’s Eve

A Benefit to Save our Bees: a Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21, 2016 at the Caspar Community Center
15051 Caspar Rd
Caspar, CA 95420

Dinner: 6pm ~ Dance: 7:30pm

Beekeeping in Mendocino County

We celebrate Beekeepers New Years Eve, a traditional name for the Winter Solstice that reflects the wisdom of the Queen Bee who lives in the dark but knows to start laying for the New Year at the Solstice.

A splendid seasonal buffet dinner (with gluten free and vegan options) will be accompanied by wine donated by bee-friendly Frey Vineyards, plus bubbles donated by a friend of the bees, and beer from North Coast Brewing Co. Bee Bold Mendocino is sponsored by Thanksgiving Coffee Company.

Tickets: $40 at Harvest Market, Out of This World, &

All proceeds benefit Bee Bold Mendocino.

About the Music

Dinner will be followed by music for dancing and listening by Ralph Humphrey and Friends, Steven Bates, Jon Faurot, and David Hayes.

With Ralph on drums, Steven Bates, lead guitar and vocals, Jon Faurot, guitar and bass, and David Hayes, bass and vocals, this quartet of some of the best-known and most popular musicians on the coast will delight the dancers. The quartet is four veteran musicians, all local residents known for their enthusiastic performances with many local musician-friends.

Ralph Humphrey on drums is a renowned drummer and teacher, whose early experiences included Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Ralph is active in the recording industry, playing for a variety of projects, including recently the Academy Awards and the hit show American Idol. Steven Bates on guitar and vocals is leader of the Steven Bates Band, a favorite in clubs from Hollywood to his hometown Fort Bragg, and a veteran of many studio sessions with producers such as Bill Bottrell and Calvin Turnbull. Jon Faurot, guitar and bass, formed his first band in South Bend, Indiana at age 12 and never looked back. In addition to being well known in the local music scene, he has shared the stage with the likes of Ramona, B.B. King, and Maria Muldaur. David Hayes on upright bass and vocals is an acclaimed bassist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter best known internationally as a member of the Van Morrison Band for most of the last 4 decades. David is well known locally as a member of The Mendocino Quartet and for his duets with Gene Parsons.