Summer Interns Create The Bee Bold Mendocino Web Page!

Thanksgiving Coffee Company has been very fortunate this summer with the addition of four wonderful student interns from the Mendocino High School.


From the start to finish, this group has been a joy to work with and they were able to accomplish so much during the summer. We are extremely grateful for all of their help and look forward to seeing what they will come up with next in their life.

The interns spent the summer learning; Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, all about bees, (there’s more than one female), honey, pollination, Photoshop, lamination, coffee, cupping, methods of prep, differences between roasts, and most important, collaboration!


Thanksgiving Coffee Company’s summer interns, shown here hard at work on the new Bee Bold Mendocino’s web site!

Thanksgiving Coffee Company's summer interns, hard at work on Bee Bold Mendocino's web creation!

From left to right: Jazmine Atherton-Walsh, Arianna Oliveira, Hali Holmes, and Finn Martinez.

Thank you!